Chairman sir's farewell

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” – Semisonic
On 24th June 2021 the staff of APS Dighi bid adieu to our chairman Brig M J Kumar Sena Medal.It was indeed lugubrious to say goodbye to our beloved Chairman.The band and choir of the school put forth some mesmerizing performances in honour of our Chairman sir. As both Brig M J Kumar and Mrs Rita M J Kumar are connoisseurs of music ,the event displayed a range
of singing performances which included their most favorites from the Indian and Western classics. The melodic evening thoroughly delighted each one.
The Principal Mrs. Yasmin Kaur Bains spoke at length to the audience, highlighting the innumerable contributions of Brig M J Kumar for the  betterment of the school. She mentioned how he carried an positive aura that affected all around him and how he had in one way or the other touched each and every member of the APS family. Ma’am also expressed her gratitude to
him for guiding the school to achieve great heights.
Brig M J Kumar mentioned how this association was an enriching experience for him and how he was taking away with him all the cherished memories of the school. A small token of remembrance and gratitude was presented on behalf of the entire APS family. The event concluded with a melody sung by Chairman sir himself in his soulful voice


To mark the 26th commemoration year of National Reading Day, week and month, APS Dighi observed the National week celebration from 21st to 26th June 2021 in accordance with the CBSE initiative to promote reading amongst students.

The reading week commenced with a special virtual assembly organised for all the students, through which the importance of reading and information on Dr P N Panicker, the father of Library movement was given.  Dr Poornima Choubey, a veterinarian by profession and educator by passion presented a special talk on the merits of reading.  

The highlight of the day was the introduction of the ‘Virtual Library’ for the students of both junior and senior sections. This initiative was taken by the visionary Principal of the school, Mrs Yasmin Kaur Bains who firmly believes that, “Reading is for those who seek to rise above the ordinary”.

 The digital library includes a collection of good reads from different genres which can be accessed throughout the month.  

 Various interesting activities and competitions were also organised throughout the week.  Virtual Reading sessions with language teachers, essay writing competition, storytelling, recitation and presenting book reviews were some of the main activities in which the students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. The reading experiences of many students were also shared.

The students were also encouraged to participate in the reading competitions organised by the Dr PN Panicker foundation, like quizzes, open art and essay writing.   It was indeed an inspiring and glorious week for the students, who read books with great interest and discovered the superpower of reading books. The school was able to achieve the vision, ‘Learn to read’ and ‘Read to Learn’ successfully


“Farewell events are a mix of delightful emotions and embracing new opportunities”.

To bid adieu to Class XII -2020-21, Army Public School Dighi organized a Virtual Farewell Event on 22nd May, to recognize the marvelous times spent by the students in their school journey. Joyful anchoring, vivacious dance show, emotional poetry, comic skit on online classes fun was enthusiastically performed by Class XI students. The parting expressions by XII students and teachers including a bag full of their memorable school pictures were the lively elements of the virtual farewell show.

The Principal, Mrs. Yasmin Kaur Bains showered blessings to the students through her impactful expressive address, which was a positive takeaway of the virtual programme.

APS Dighi wishes, Class XII-2020-21 -Best of safe and healthy wishes for their future endeavors.


.With a strong goal towards prevention and control on Bullying, Army Public School Dighi designed and shared an Anti-Bullying video and document on 4th May 2021, with the students and teachers to understand the gravity of bullying. The document presentation includes information on bullying including cyber bullying.

Bullying is a grave condition found in schools, homes, workplaces and even online. It is an activity of repeated, aggressive behavior intended to hurt another individual physically, mentally or emotionally.

“Bullying can destroy a person’s self-image”. To understand the importance of this statement, an activity has been explained in the document which includes the impact of bullying on psychosocial development. This initiative was taken to create an awareness among every educator, parent and student regarding the ill effects of bullying.

With this mission, Army Public School Dighi wishes Safety and Security to every child.


Click here to see the video 


Army Public School, Dighi celebrated ‘Virtual International Labour Day’ on 30th April, 2021 i.e Friday. This day is celebrated every year on 1st May in many countries around the world to honour the struggles and efforts of the working class (labour force), which makes up a large part of the global economy and our society. Labour Day is the culmination of a long struggle of workers against unfair treatment at work.

To honour the day, students participated in the virtual celebration with great zeal and enthusiasm.  The programme consisted of a video reflecting the need to acknowledge the work of labour and be grateful for their contribution to society. It was followed by speeches by students from class IX & X describing the origin, history and importance of observing International Labour day. Another student from class X recited a poem portraying the true meaning of dignity of labour.

The highlight of the programme was an audio visual presentation through which the support staff of Army public school, Dighi were felicitated for their tireless  support during school hours. Students extended their heartfelt  gratitude to them and appreciated their efforts.

The programme was viewed by all the classes during morning assembly.

APS Dighi BOARD Exam REsults 2019-20

The students of Army Public School Dighi have once again proved that “Success is a result of hard work, self-belief and determination” and this was clearly reflected in the stupendous results for Std X &  XII.  They have carried on the great legacy of 100% results which have now become a norm for the school.  It is definitely the enduring efforts of the students that have resulted in these commendable scores, but it wouldn’t have been so, without the dynamic and motivating leadership of Ms. Yasmin Kaur Bains, Principal of Army Public School Dighi, who came in with a long-term vision of raising the bar several notches higher than the preceding years.  Her indomitable spirit, relentless pursuit of excellence and strong resolve has contributed immensely to the success of the current batch of students, thereby setting bigger objectives for the years to come.

Highlights of the results for the academic year 2019-2020:

For Std XII, a total number of 91 students appeared for the examinations, with 72 students scoring a distinction and almost one-fourth of the total students scoring above 90%, a commendable feat as compared to several other schools in Pune.

Neha Kumari was the school topper in the Science stream with 96% and a high score of 99 marks in Biology

Isha Bhatia scored 95.8% in the Humanities stream with remarkable achievement of scoring 100 marks in History.

Khushi Bhatia was the school topper in Commerce stream with  93.4% . 

For Std X, a total number of 174 students appeared for Std X Board examination, with total of four students scoring above 95% and 18 students scoring above 90%. 

Hippakar Ankita was declared the school topper with a high score of 96.2%.

Sarvagya Singh stood second with a score of 95.8%  

Ankur Dome stood third with a score of 95.4%.

API Of class XII is 270

API Of class X is 223


.“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” – Plato 

Over the backdrop of the serene Gurnaam Lake , as the sun was beginning to settle down and the deep blue sky was immersing into caliginosity. That’s when the melodious sound of the sitar , the beats of tabla and the harmony of saxophone started to fill up the ambience, that is how we would  describe Swaranjali to be.

‘Swaranjali’– a Raag Yaman concert held in TB II on 11th February, was organised by the students and teachers of  Army Public School Dighi. The magical evening brought forth the amazingly talented students who enthralled the audience with their marvelous musical talents. Graced by chief guest Brig M.J Kumar (Sena Medal) and Mrs Rita M.J Kumar ,the event was thoroughly enjoyed by one and all. We were also honoured to have amongst us Shri Mahesh Dharmadhikari Ji, Regional Director CBSE, PUNE region. The concert also featured guest performers like Dr Atul Kamble on the tabla and Shri Deepak Bhanuse with the flute.

 This evening celebrating Raag Yaman captivated all the audience in such a manner  that even a complete stranger to this genre of music would have had a pleasant evening. The musicians thoroughly seemed to enjoy themselves and that is always a delight to watch and to listen!

Certificate of excellence in academics

Perfection is not attainable but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence .

Army Public School Dighi has been awarded Army commander appreciation certificate for excellence in academics for the year 2020.This award is in recognition of the maximum progress shown in the medium and large category of APS schools under Southern command. Award is the result of enduring efforts of students and teachers under the dynamic leadership of Principal Mrs Yasmin Kaur Bains.Award acts as a catalyst for striving towards success and manoeuvre.


“The most important pieces of equipment you need
for doing yoga are your own body and your mind.” 

Rodney Yee

With this thought in mind, the students of APS
DIGHI commenced the world yoga day on 21st June. In these days of
uncertainty and pandemic, it is very important to remain sane by creating a
balance between mind and body. Research shows that Yoga contributes to enhanced
physical and mental well-being and may improve resilience, mood and
self-regulation skills. That’s why in APS Dighi Yoga is taught as a subject, as
we want our students to become resilient youths.

 The idea of celebrating this day is not to limit it to one day, but to make it a regular practice. This is our heritage and we have to inculcate it as a habit in our students. With this aim in mind, the school is looking forward to carry on the yoga sessions in the academic year 2021.


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