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English Week Celebration

English Week

Army Public School Dighi observed English Week from 13 Jan 2020 to 17 Jan 2020.The Event  was inaugurated by Mrs.Arti Sharma,Principal, APS Kirkee.  Mrs Neha Vashishth wife of Col Sumeet Vashishth CO TB-2 and Mrs.Rita  wife of Brig M.J.Kumar, Comdt. BEG &Centre was the guest of honor for the event.

An opulent literary environment offered gust veritable platter of songs, storytelling, display of important eras of English literature starting from the Chaucerian to the contemporary. Further excitement was added to the revelries when students dressed up as famous writers and poets staged to rapt the viewers.

It was a   real carnival of literature as each classroom and corridor emanated the resplendent fragrance of books. Grandeur literary activities like spell bee competition, Declamation, Soliloquy, puppet show, storytelling etc invited mass participation and engagement of nascent literati’s.

The week long festivities concluded with award ceremony enriched the necessary competencies of aspiring writers and irrigated the desert of their artistry even now, there hangs in the air, lingering scent of books and a fading eco of events that kindle the yearning for more.