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APS Dighi fraternity students and teachers organized a grandest of exhibition in the school with a two pronged aim. The exhibition was the biggest and the most elaborate so far and achieved multiple aims together with, maximum participation at all the levels.

The theme decided after deliberations  was "INDIA SHINING INDIA RISING"  . It was to showcase the leaps our nation has taken in various fields to reach the pedestal of the fastest growing nation in the world.

Chairman, APS Dighi Brig. Dheeraj Mohan was the chief guest for this function  Mrs. Mohan was kind enough to join us on the occasion. The chief guest was received by Mrs. Shraddha Sudame, Principal, APS Dighi. The nations journey till present day was showcased on being received. The guest and parents were treated with mesmerizing dance forms by the children in traditional attires.

At the first exhibition enclave, the theme was 'unnati Ki ore' where in, students in farmers get up were interviewed on how much change has come in agriculture.

Then came the enclave on self-dependency our nation has achieved in various fields. This was informally depicted by various clubs that function in our school.

The next was the replica of a smart city. Very well layed out and briefed by the smartly dressed students. It was a one stock know how. Then came the outlook on the girl child. This was well pronounced with achievement of women of our nation in various fields and how steps are being taken in gender equality.

 The creative ideas by all the students and the presentation in a simplified manner were the highlight of this exhibition. The stall explaining the AI {ARTIFICIAL Intelligence) made a case in point. The advent of the use of AI in almost all fields of human work was well appreciated. The awareness to outreach was immense when some classes depicted local tourist attractions in various states, traditional dance forms and geographical features.

Parents, Officers of Khadki Garrison, their families, serving army personels and wards took to this exhibition and appreciated the creative efforts.

The Chairman, CO TB-II and other dignitaries were kind to spare time and words to see through the efforts gone behind the scene. It installed a new vigor and sense of achievement amongst the students.

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