APS Dighi undertook In Service Training Programme for teachers in the month of June.Starting from the 17th of June ,the programme stretched effectively for a week .The training began with the Sahag Yoga session by Mr. Piyush Dhangar  ensured rightful information regarding Yoga and its benefits. Stress Management & Healthy Lifestyle conducted by school counsellor Dipali and   Dr Kavita went off well with hands on experience shared by the speakers.The teachers constantly strive to understand the behavior pattern of students  and develop effective strategies for healthy communication which was informatively conducted by Mrs.Radhika Singh and Mrs Priyanka bajaria.Finally the session on cyber security and learning conducted by Mr.Atul Nirpase and our school Vice Principal -Mr D Shinde gave on ground insights regarding our updated education system.The highlight of the complete programme was the International Yoga Day celebration well crafted & conducted by our very own staff,Mr Nilesh and Kavita Maam. The programme ended on the 22nd June with valuable feedback insights by our extremely dedicated teachers.