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Rules & Regulations

School Timings

The School works from Monday to Saturday except on 2nd Saturday which is a holiday.

School timings are as follows : 0800 hrs to 1410 hrs

Students are expected to be in the school 5 minutes before the first bell.

No child will be permitted to leave school early for any reason whatsoever. If doctor's appointment is to be taken, the child will have to stay away from school the whole day.


Visiting Hours

Parent-Teacher meeting is held on the last working day of the month between 1150 hrs to 1320 hrs. On any other day Parents can meet teachers only after taking prior permission from the Principal.

Parents may meet the Principal between 1200 hrs to 1300 hrs on any working day.


Leave of Absence

Students must be regular in their attendance. When a child is absent parents are required to intimate the Class Teacher through the School Diary. No separate leave application need be made. An absence and leave record for the purpose is given in the Diary. An absence in excess of two days should be supported by a medical certificate.

Children with Infectious diseases should not be sent to school.



  1. The school holds tests and examinations as per the schedule given in the calendar.
  2. Promotions are decided on the pupils progress through out the year based on the periodic tests and examinations.
  3. Pupils absent from an examination will not be re-examined and those absent without a valid reason will not be awarded marks for the test / exam.
  4. A pupil who fails to get promoted after a second year in the same class has to leave the school.

To learn more about the School Uniform and School Fee structure kindly download the Prospectus by clicking here