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Chairman's Message

It is a matter of privilege to pen down the message for the APS Dighi website. My heart fills with immense pleasure as I perceive the progress being made by the school. The journey of the school from the very beginning, has been very promising and year by year it has shown a substantial upward growth in the all round development of the students. The school is providing conducive environment to impart education based on conscience and thus groom a breed of young minds, which are bustling with self-confidence and motivation,to face the challenges of the twenty first century.

Principal's Message

APSD over the years has come to symbolize the truest spirit of dedication to the task of maintaining the highest standard of education. We want our children to soar like eagle and pounce on every available opportunity to carve a niche for themselves. As Dr. Adbul Kalam aptly put it, "You were born with wings. Don't crawl, learn to use them to Fly and Fly". As Dutch say a flying crow always...