1. It is necessary that parents ensure that their wards are regular in their attendance. Parents are advised to plan their vacations as per school Almanac.

2. A report on the performance of the student will be communicated to the parents / guardians after each evaluation.

3. Students will be required to put in 75% of total attendance of the academic session for promotion to the next higher class.

4. Students who do not meet the minimum level of learning laid down by CBSE may be advised remedial coaching. Parents must co-operate and ensure that there ward attends remedial classes.

5. In Class XI a student should obtain not less than 33% marks in each subject and an aggregate of 33% for promotion. As per CBSE Rules students in XI have to pass separately in Theory and Practical for promotion class XII.

6. Fee defaulters will not be allowed to take the Final Examination.

7. Student of class XI who fails to appear in the Final Examination even though he/she has secured sufficient marks in the unit tests and half yearly examination, will be deemed to have failed in the annual examination and shall not be promoted. However, if the absence is due to reasons beyond the control of the student, the decision will rest on the discretion of the Principal and will be final.

8. The CBSE has issued Circular No Acad-05/2017 dated 31.01.2017 on the restoration of Board Examination for Class X and revised assessment structure and examination for class X from academic Year 2017-18 onwards. The CBSE has decided to implement the uniform system of assessment, examination pattern and issue of report cards for classes VI-VIII also on the similar pattern. The scheme for classes VI-VIII has been designed on Term Assessment with gradual increase in the learning assessment as the students move forward.

9. The school will follow Examination and Promotion Rules as per CBSE Policy.

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