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Admission Procedure

1. Admission to children of serving Army personnel coming on transfer from out station can be given at anytime during the year.

2. Children who are coming on pass/promoted TC from another APS / Army School / KV will be admitted directly without an entrance test.

3. For other categories, admissions will be made at the start of the academic year based on availability of seats and merit.

4. Parents / Guardians of students seeking admission must apply for admission on the Registration form attached in the prospectus which is available in the school office on payment of Rs. 50/-. A date for entrance test will be given to them. Those eligible for lateral admission may fill up the application form and complete admission formalities directly.

5. The following certificates / documents must be submitted along with the Application Form -

(i) Proof of Age Certificate
(a) In case of Defence Personnel, extract of their record of service, duly attested by their Commanding Officer.

(b) Birth certificate issued by Mil/Civil hospital or Municipality / Village Panchayat.

(ii) TC from previous school for classes II upward. TC's in respect of students from schools other than Army Schools / APS's/KV's will be accepted for admission only when endorsed by the District Education Officer. In case of pupils who did not study in a recognised school the Parent / Guardian should give a letter to that effect.

(iii) Latest Report Card.

(iv) One Photograph

6. Students from school other than APS’S/KV will have to qualify in the entrance test for admission for class II to X. If the child fails to qualify, he /she will be admitted in a suitable class at the discretion of the principal.

7. Admission Test will be conducted every Monday from 25 March onwards for the following subjects:

a) Primary Classes (II to V): English, Hindi , Maths &Science.

b) Secondary Classes (VI to X): English, Hindi, Maths & Science.

 8. The Students should complete 05 years of age as on 31st March of the year in which admission is sought in class I. A corresponding scale of age is fixed for the subsequent classes,

9. Priorities for admission is as below:

 a) Children of Serving Army Personnel including DSC, Army Windows and TA with 10 years of embodied service.

 b) Children of Army Ex-servicemen, DSC pres Retd with Pension from DSC.

 c) Children of Serving Air Force and Naval Personnel

 d) Children of retired Air force and Naval Personnel

e) Children of Ex-Army personnel who left Army with than 10 years of service.

f) Children of civilians paid out of Defence Estimate, Para Military Forces including Coast Guard, MES, GREF, TA(When not embodied)

  g) Grand Children of Serving/retired Army personnel.

 h) Other Children

10. Application for Transfer Certificate should be made on the prescribed from two weeks in advance along with original Security Deposit receipt for the refund of  fees.