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Code of Conduct

1. Students must follow the school regulations regarding school uniform. Except Sikh students all boys must have their hair cut short and girls must plait and tie their hair neatly with ribbons.

2. Students must be punctual to school. They are expected to be inside the school before the school bell rings and are liable to be sent home if they are late.

3. Students must bring their text books and note books to school as per the class time table. School Diary should be brought to school daily.

4. Students must not disfigure or damage school property. All breakages must be reported to the class teacher.

5. Care should be taken to keep the school premises and class rooms neat and clean.

6. Student are not to leave the school premises without permission from the class teacher and Principal.

7. Students are expected to be polite and well behaved at all times. They must stand quietly when a teacher enters the class room, reply to the greeting and sit down only when told to do so. Text books and note books must be on the student's desk before the teacher enters the class room.

8. Students are expected to show courtesy and respect to all, both in and out of the school. They are expected to greet members of the staff and visitors to the school, to move aside in the verandah's and go in line from one part of the school to the other.

9. All lost property must be deposited with the PET. Students are not allowed to bring costly articles to school. Girls should not wear jewellery.

10. Students must at all times abide by the rules of honesty and fair play. Rowdy behaviour and use of abusive language is not permitted. For any act of serious indiscipline a student may be suspended or asked to leave.


 The school has a well stoked library. Library cards will be given to students of class IV to X  and they are permitted to get one book issued per week to take home.

CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVIES / Hobby Classes – French /karate / guitar/ Sitar / Vocal Music, band etc.  

A wide variety of co-curricular activities will be organized on an Inter House Basis of the Primary Section and Secondary section separately.


 Computer Education is compulsory for all students from Class I to X




 A Parent Teacher Meeting is held after each test or exam. The date of the meeting and time is notified through the Diary.


  • To intimate the school of any change of address and telephone number and also when they get a promotion.
  • To write the name of the child, the class and section when writing to the school regarding their children.
  • To ensure that the children come to school regularly, punctually and dressed neatly and correctly. To check that their child brings her/his diary, text books and note books according to the Time Table and maintains them properly.
  • To inform the Principal and class teacher if the child is suffering from any chronic disease and taking medication and keep inhaler with asthmatic children.
  • To co-operate with the school in all matters relating to the education and discipline of their wards.