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The facilities provided by the school lays emphasis on the moral, academic, social and physical development of the students.

The children are groomed assiduously so that they live their life successfully and learn to appreciate the qualities and culture, specially the culture of our own country, alongwith other countries also.

Importance for good conduct and commitment is instilled in the children thoroughly.

To be precise the main aim of our school is, “along with the growth of knowledge in all spheres let the reverence also dwell in each one of us”.


The school has a well stocked library. Library cards will be given to students of class VI to IX and they are permitted to get one book issued per week to take home.

Co - Curricular Activities
A wide variety of co-curricular activities will be organized on an Inter House Basis for the Primary Section and Middle Section separately.

Computer Education

Computer Education is compulsory for all students from class I to IX.

Parent Teacher Interaction

A Parent Teacher Meeting (Open House) is held after each test or exam. The date of the meeting and time is notified through the Diary.



“It’s choice, not chance that determines your destiny”

Globalization has developed new technologies, social trends and economic growth. This has resulted in the creation of new jobs and opportunities. But unfortunately when choosing a career, most students aren’t exposed to ” all possible options” and are forced to choose from the few options they know. Keeping this in mind our school, to rescue broaden their perspectives and career aspiration, provide career guidance and their help the students select the right option.



CCTV Installation

IT is crucial to take security seriously in this days & age. Keeping  this in mind CCTC was installed in our school.



Our school follows particular house system and there are four houses in the school namely:-

Bhagat, Gurnam, Rane, Shivaji

Inter house competition are organized throughout the years in various fields. Inter house competitions are conducted in our school to develop in all students’ sense of belonging and pride with the school by associating with a house team. We aim to prepare our children to be healthy, active with passion for developing physical abilities. We aim for the children to achieve high standard and high level of attainment in academics and other activities the children are given opportunity to take part in the competition and we promote the understanding that the taking part is the most important thing.


Smart class

The smart class transformation system is the biggest and the most innovative initiative in the space of digital classroom content .smart class has broadened choice of teaching tools available with the teacher beyond invaluable rich 3D animations to bring abstract concepts to like .The arsenal of solutions now available for teachers also include tools like needy to use mcq’s ,virtual laboratory of simultaneously worksheets ,mind maps.In short smart class is the revolutionary leap forward in enabling excellence in school.