Ser No Name Designation Sub Appt Type Qualification
1 Mrs Gudiya Kumari PGT Hindi Regular M.A (Hin), B.Ed
2 Mrs Honey Bhowmick PGT Maths Regular M.Sc (Maths), B.Ed
3 Mrs Raji Pradeep PGT English Regular M.A(Eng), B. Ed,
4 Mrs Smriti Sharma PGT Biology Regular M.SC.,M.ED
5 Mr Mahesh Bendbhar PGT P.Ed Regular B.A.,M.PEd.,M.PHIL
6 Ms Pooja Sukhdeo PGT Economics ADHOC M.A. (Economics) , B.Ed
7 Mrs Induleka P G TGT S.St Regular B.A (Eco), M.A (Economics), B.Ed
8 Mrs Suchita Wani TGT Computer Regular Dip in Comp Engr, BCA, MCA
9 Mrs Shalini Kumari TGT Science Regular M.Sc (Chem)), B.Ed
10 Mr Anant Kulkarni TGT Sanskrit Regular M.A (Sanskrit), B.Ed
11 Mr Dayanand Jadhav TGT Hindi Regular Shastri (Sanskrit) Archarya (Sanskrit), B. Ed
12 Mrs Mary Kondeti TGT English Regular M.A (Eng), B.Ed
13 Mrs M Smitha TGT Maths Regular B.Sc , B.Ed
14 Mr Vijay Nakhale TGT P.Ed Regular Graduation from ARMY , Diploma P.Ed Instructor
15 Mrs Poonam Tamrakar TGT S.St Regular B.A. , B.Ed
16 Mrs Anitha Karunakaran TGT Science Regular M.Sc, M.Ed
17 Mrs Sarika Athale TGT English Regular M. A, B.Ed
18 Mrs Kanchan Singh TGT Maths Regular B.E. Mechanical, B.Ed
19 Mrs Shweta Manchanda TGT Counselor Regular M.A. Psychology
20 Mr Azheruddin Mirasaheb Shaikh TGT P.Ed Contractual B.A., B.P.Ed
21 Mrs Shraddha Soni TGT Science Contractual M.Sc, B.Ed
22 Mr Govinda Battul TGT Computer Contractual B.E. Computer
23 Mrs Pretty Kapoor TGT English Contractual M.A., M.Ed
24 Mr Rajeev Kumar TGT Hindi Contractual B.Com, B.Ed
25 Ms Varsha Pandey TGT Maths Contractual M.Sc, B.Ed
26 Mrs Anuradha Kapur TGT Science Contractual MSc Zoo, B.Ed
27 Mrs Anuradha Mudgal TGT Maths ADHOC M.Sc Computer Science, B.Ed
28 Ms Quratulain TGT Maths ADHOC M.Sc., B.Ed
29 Mr Pushpak Tikone TGT Maths ADHOC BE, M.Ed.
30 Mrs Bindu Poduval PRT All Regular B.Com(Accounts & Business Administration)  B. Ed
31 Mrs Bindu Nambiar PRT All Regular B.A, B. Ed
32 Mrs Preeti Sharma PRT All Regular B.Com (Accounts & Eco), DISM, B. Ed
33 Mrs Kavita Taneja PRT All Regular B. Sc (Phy+Chem, Maths), B.Ed
34 Mrs Anuradha Sharma PRT All Regular B. Sc (Bot + Chem), M.Sc (Bot),B.Ed
35 Mrs Pratibha Sawant PRT All Regular M.A. Economics , B.Ed
36 Mrs Sandhya Mekhale PRT All Regular B.A (, B.Ed
37 Mrs Rajeshwari Pawar PRT All Regular B. Sc (P.C.M.), B. Ed
38 Mrs Divya Sharma PRT All Regular MA., B.Ed
39 Mrs Neema Singh PRT All Regular B.SC B.ED
40 Mrs Sathi Varier M V PRT All Regular B.SC B.ED
41 Mrs Rekha Rawat PRT All Regular M.SC, B.ED
42 Ms Vaishali Siraskar PRT All Regular M.A., B.ED
43 Mrs Farha Shaikh PRT All Regular B.BA, B.Ed
44 Mrs Ratna Rajput PRT All Regular M.A., B.Ed
45 Ms Farheen Shaikh PRT All Regular M.A., B.Ed
46 Mrs Manisha Godara PRT All Regular M.Sc (Biotech), B.Ed
47 Mr Akash Shripad Kulkarni PRT Music Contractual Sangeet Visharad (Tabla), M.Com
48 Mrs Pushpa Kewat PRT Computer Contractual B.E.,COMPUTER SCI
49 Mr Rohit Chakraborty PRT Music Contractual B.SC, M.B.A., Dip in Bhatratnatyam
50 Mrs Kamini Dixit PRT All Contractual B.SC, B.ED
51 Mr Kothule Shivaji PRT Art & Craft Contractual A.T.D., G.D. Art
52 Mrs Dipali Sharma PRT All Contractual M.A., Child Psychology, B.Ed
53 Mrs Jyoti Kumari PRT All ADHOC M. A(Eco), B. Ed
54 Mrs Kavita Tiwari PRT All ADHOC B.SC B.ED
55 Mrs Maya Supekar PRT All ADHOC B.A. B.ED
56 Mrs Shobha Bhakuni PRT All ADHOC M. Sc(chem.), B. Ed
57 Mrs Mridima Raj PRT All ADHOC BSc, B.Ed
58 Mr Kunal Misar PRT Art & Craft ADHOC A.T.D.G.D.
59 Mrs Harvinder Kaur Atwal PRT All ADHOC M.A, B.Ed
61 Mrs Lipi Patro PRT All ADHOC B.Com(honours), B.Ed
62 Mrs Ragini M Kausadikar PRT Music ADHOC M.A. Music
63 Anisha Shinde PRT All ADHOC MA (Eng), B.Ed

School Emblems

Every student of Army Public School Dighi is assigned to a house. There are four houses overseen by the head of the house assisted by the prefectural council.  The House System aims to facilitate community spirit, peer mentoring, boost the existing rewards system, and encourage all the students to get involved in competitions.  It enables them to embrace their potential for leadership while preparing them to make positive changes in the society. The House system promotes good work and behaviour, encourages teamwork, provides opportunities to take on responsibilities and brings everyone in the school together. 

Assembly serves as a mirror to the character of a school, it brings out the essence and ethos which makes up the institute. Our school assembly aims at the dual purpose of strengthening the students allegiance towards the school and nation, along with developing their overall personality.

Assemblies provide a wonderful opportunity for students to hone their public speaking , presentation and leadership skills. This is where they work as a team to create meaningful experiences for other students while in turn gaining a few themselves.

As it is always said ‘well begun is half done’ ,this is the time of the day which sets the temperament for the rest of it. Necessary information is disseminated through the assembly to keep the staff and students well informed.

Students spend a lot of time indoors which is a major hindrance in the adequate amount of absorption of Vitamin D. Morning assemblies are the perfect means to stock up this essential Vitamin D.

Our school assemblies function as a powerful instrument which outlines the school’s broader disciplinary process ,by ritualistically adhering to the following points-

  • Regular assemblies are conducted on every working day at the school ground.

  • Housewise special assemblies performed

  • Thursday Hindi assemblies

  • Thought of the day

  • News headlines

  • Birthday celebration

  • Anthem

  • Prayer

  • School song

  • Acts

  • Choir

  • Band