Sports lay the building blocks of physical fitness and schools lay the building blocks of a person’s mind. Sports are made compulsory in our school, so that a student gets an opportunity not only to play but also to keep fit and simultaneously work on his academics. This also has proved beneficial for our students who have lost hope to do well in studies, for they would be able to bring out their hidden calibre in the field of sports.

The modern world is full of health hazards and has become so mechanized nowadays that every individual remains under anxiety, stress and tension, which ultimately leads to depression. Physical education helps at this stage—it reduces the stress, tension and depression, which is essential for maintaining health and endurance.

There is an increasing need to balance the heavy academic focus within the students’ life, which must include many things beyond simple acquisition of facts. Indulgence in sports  help the child forge positive social relationships, to be calm and patient, and most importantly it teaches them the benefits of teamwork, which is very necessary for children of today’s generation. Sports are a boost to the child’s self-worth and responsible behaviour. A famous quote goes: “All work and no play make jack a dull boy”. Games are essential for children. Physical exercise keeps the body fit and trim, thus ensuring healthy eating habits. Introduction to sports at an early age in our school helps to develop teamwork, and sportsmanship in children. Outdoor games are recreational and they ensure that our children are exposed to fresh air and exercise, which they might not get at home, with the television and computer dragging them away from any form of physical workout.