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Farewell 2021-2022 "The two hardest things to say in life are hello for the first time and good bye for the last" The school had organized a farewell to bid the class 12 students a token of love that they’ll cherish forever , the event sprang with utmost enthusiasm , filled with vibrant colours and the accustomed warmth . Class 11 students had showcased their skills on the stage by performing various shows , they had put in lot of efforts with the shared excitement to give their seniors a grand farewell . The event was inaugurated with the dance performance , students rocked the stage with their amazing moves , this was followed by ramp walk for girls , they lighted the environment with their charm , various games were played , boys did trendy moves when it came their chance for showing their ramp walk , the choir team made everyone nostalgiate through emotional songs ,the two events to trigger laughter were the standup comedy and lazy dance , various games were played , to entertain the seniors . lastly , the amplitude of energy was witnessed when it came time for students to DJ dance .At the end no one wanted to actually leave , after all saying “bye“ to school is not easy , it is missed at every walk of life.