Date: 17th April to 26th April 



The Life Skills Development Program, conducted by the renowned Art of Living team, for our Class X and XII students, took place in two comprehensive batches from April 17th to April 26th.

Learning Objective:

ü  The core aim of the Life Skills Development Program was to equip our students with the ability to effectively manage their thoughts and emotions, recognizing the profound influence this can have on both their personal and professional aspects of life.

Effective Implementation: The program is being effectively implemented through a regular 20-minute schedule during school assembly hours.

Learning Outcome: Under the able guidance of Dir. AWES, the Life Skills Development Program has yielded tangible benefits, with students reporting an enriching experience. The impact of this program has been highly positive.


Date: 24th April to 28th April


Event Overview: As directed by the AWWA, students from Army Public School Dighi enthusiastically participated in the Ethics Bowl Competition. It encourages them to think critically and communicate their thoughts effectively.

Learning Objective:

ü  Understanding of Ethical Principles.

ü  Fostering Awareness & Cultivating Empathy.

Participation Details : A total of six students took part in the Robin Round Matches hosted by APS Dehuroad. Their performance was commendable and showcased their dedication to the competition.

Learning Outcome: Knowledge Enrichment: The competition provided a unique platform for students to explore and expand their knowledge of ethical principles and issues

·         Date: 28th April


Overview: The school organized the 2nd CBSE EXPRESSION SERIES in the light of, ‘Your way to Express” on 28th April 2023. It allowed students to express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas on a range of topics, tailored to their age groups.

Learning Objective:

ü  The primary aim of the competition was to promote creativity, develop expression skills, foster confidence and appreciate diversity through public expression.


·         Date: 1st May


Overview: On May 1st, a highly informative and engaging Career Planning Interactive Session was conducted for Class X and XI students, as well as their parents.

Learning Objective:

ü  Focus on preparing class X and XII for their future careers and helping them make informed decisions about their educational and professional paths.

Participants: Two esteemed guest speakers: Brig Sameer Chauhan & and Group Captain Yogesh Pai, senior teaching staff, students and parents of Class X and XI.

Event Highlights-Outcome:

1.      Interactive Discussions: The event began with a warm welcome to the guest speakers, Brig SKS Chauhan and Gp Capt. Yogesh Pai, who shared their knowledge and experience in various career path

2.      Clarification of doubts: The primary objective of the session was to address the doubts and queries of the attendees. Parents and students actively participated in the discussion, seeking personalized advice on career choices, educational pathways, and future prospects.    

3. In-Depth Insights: The officers provided a comprehensive overview of different career avenues available after Class X, shedding light on the multitude of opportunities beyond traditional academic routes.

Event Highlights: During the "Expression Series," students participated with great enthusiasm and zeal. They utilized various artistic mediums to communicate their ideas, including vibrant paintings, heartfelt poetry, thought provoking essays, bookmark and comic strip activity and declamation activity.


Date: 7th - 10th June.

·         Event: JANBHAGIDARI -2023

An extraordinary initiative, "Janbhagidari 2023," was orchestrated by Army Public School, Dighi, to illuminate the minds of young learners regarding crucial global and national initiatives, including the G20, the National Education Policy (NEP), and the Fight Against Terrorism (FLN).

Learning Objective:

ü  The event aimed to instill awareness about “Janbhagidari” initiatives and their significance, while also emphasizing the commendable role played by the Indian Army in global peacekeeping and fostering economic growth.

G20 Poster-Making Competition (7th June 2023)

·         Date: 7th June 2023

·         Day: Wednesday

·         Participants: 10th-grade students

·         Number of Participants: 47

·         Objective: Students engaged in a thoughtful discussion about the G20 summit's objectives and the ethos of international alliances. They translated their insights into captivating posters, creatively expressing the summit's essence

1.      Intellectual Competitions: 8th to 9th June:

·         Activities: Essay Writing, Debate, Quiz competition, and Group Discussion

·         Target Audience: Students of Class X and XII

·         Purpose: Enhancing critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

2.          Official G-20 Presidency Logo Display:9th June:

·         Date: 9th June: The school proudly displayed the official G-20 Presidency logo on its website, reflecting the theme 'One Earth, One Family, One Future,' inspired by the ancient Sanskrit ethos, 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.'

3.      Poster Making and Painting Actvity:10th June:

·         Students from Class VI to X participated, fostering creativity and innovation.

1.        Online Elocution Competition:10th June:

·         Attendees: Students of Class VI to VIII

·         Purpose: Hone effective communication skills through an online elocution competition.

Impact of the Program: Janbhagidari 2023" stands as an exceptional endeavor that has not only enriched students' knowledge but also cultivated vital life skills and values.